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About the Artist

Born in Austria, Marion lives and works in the beautiful countryside of Salzburg. 

Goethe's line, "Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast," always struck a chord with her, capturing the conflict as she felt pulled in two opposing directions: natural sciences and art.

For numerous years, Marion, a Ph.D. biologist, focused on her work in basic research in the field of molecular biology. However, since 2013, she has also been cultivating her artistic side. Her work was sificantly influenced by mentors Mag. Alfia Weingartner, a Russian artist living in Austria, and Christine Kastner, an Austrian panArt artist. Engaging with various techniques, the artist developed her artistic emphasis. In 2019, she successfully completed training in graphic design. Since 2022 she teaches culural education at Museum Fronfeste.

Life events and her extraordinary work as a molecular biologist have moved her to a drastic reduction in creative expression and an exploration of new materials since 2020.

Muscles, higher plants, and algae — these are the subjects of Marion's basic molecular biology research. This intense exploration seeks an outlet for artistic processing. Previous themes have included: Eyes vs. Perspectives, Adaptation vs. Masks, and the formal requirements of biology vs. abstraction. Marion's approach has evolved towards fusion and metamorphosis of organic-biological material into art objects and paintings. She works with inks, pens, charcoal, spray and acrylic paints, as well as lithographic techniques. The brush is now obsolete; the concrete — the hand — has triumphed as a tool! The white space, the "empty" part of a page, provides Marion with artistic freedom. For her, the often as intimidating perceived emptiness of a white sheet of paper becomes a haven of calm where new things can develop and grow.

Statement about Marion's work from STUDIO RÖ (Milan, Italy):


»Marion's works captivate, invite to explore their depths, and contemplate the concepts they represent, enriching the viewer's experience and sparking curiosity about the artist's intentions. These are minimalistic works that convey a complex emotion.«

What are the strengths of Marion's portfolio?

»The artist excels in utilizing the stark contrast of black and white, harnessing their power to evoke strong emotions and convey deep messages. This mastery of monochrome allows for a striking visual impact, drawing the viewer's attention and inviting them to delve deeper into the layers of meaning within the artwork. Through careful composition and subtle nuances in shading, the artist skilfully communicates complex narratives and themes, creating a profound and thought-provoking experience for the observer. «

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  • Installation at KUBIQ - Kultur und Bildungsquartier Thlagau

  • EXHIBITION – ART IN LAW │ Permanent exhibition in the buildings of the Austrian judiciary │ Vienna CityGallery │ Vienna, Austria │ since August 2021



  • EXHIBITION – LAKE OHRID MUSES TRAVEL TO MANHATTAN │ New York City, NY, USA │ Collaboration with Composer and Pianist Margin Alexander │ 10. July 2021

  • EXHIBITION – CORONA CASE │ LICHT FELD Gallery │ Basel, Switzerland │ June 2021

  • EXHIBITION – ABSTRAKTIONEN │ PublicArtists Gallery │ Vienna, Austria │ 28. June - 09. July 2021

  • EXHIBITION – ART IN LAW │ Permanent exhibition in the buildings of the Austrian judiciary │ by CityGallery Vienna │ Vienna, Austria │ since August 2021

  • EXHIBITION – COMING OUT │M.A.D.S. Art Gallery │ Milan, Italy │ 25. June - 04. July 2021

  • ARTIST OF THE FUTURE AWARD of Contemporary Art Curator │ London, UK │ January 2021


  • GREY CUBE GALLERY │ Finalist of the Botanicals ART SHOW │ Helsinki, Finland │ September 2020

  • SWISS ART EXPO │ ARTBOX.PROJECT Zuerich 2.0 │ Zuerich, Switzerland │ 20. - 24. August 2020

  • LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE, Pinacothèque, Louxembourg; certificate of artistic achievement

  • EXHIBITION – Choose your Mask & Von Bergen und Blumen │Konditorei Ottet │ Schoerfling am Attersee


  • EXHIBITION and ART TALK  │ Schloss Mondsee │ Mondsee

  • MASK – ROLE – METAMORPHOSIS  │ Museum Fronfeste │ Neumarkt am Wallersee

  • NIGHTMARE AT MARK  │ MARK │ Salzburg

​2017 - 2019

  • Permanent Art Exhibition │ First Floor │ Mattsee


  • PAMYON: Wort trifft Bild │ SOLO show │ MARK │ Salzburg




  • mfk Magazin für Kultur - Illustration

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