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    Lake Ohrid Muses travel to Manhattan

LAKE OHRID MUSES TRAVEL TO MANHATTAN is a collaboration of visual arts and classical music. A dozen visual artist collaborate with the composer and pianist Margin Alexander by either painting an artwork inspired by the music of Mr. Alexander or by providing a painting that inspires the pianist to compose a new piano piece.

In Marion's case Margin chose the artwork blue and created a beautiful and powerful piece of music. Painting and music merge with one another and create an outstanding synergistic unity.
Composition and artwork were presented together at an live as well as online event in Manhattan on the 10th of July 2021.

blue was originally created as a piece of the series CHOOSE YOUR MASK. It depicts female eyes lost in thought about her past. The colour blue stands for melancholic emotions.

The series reflects our daily life, interactions with fellow human beings and reactions to the environment. Every one of us wears masks – may it be often or rarely, committed or unconscious, forced or willing. We do not always show the world, how we really feel.
And there are times when we forget to wear them and others are able to read our emotions more clearly than we do ourselves – as depicted in blue.
Marion C. Hoepflingers painting blue



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